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A rare and profound galactic alignment – a 26,000-year convergence of earth and solar system with the Milky Way center – occurs early in the 21st century. Eerily, the ancient Maya boldly prophesied 2012 and the years beyond to be the fulcrum of the cosmological synchronization. They foresaw world-shaking changes in the social and physical aspects of the planet, including increased earthquake activity, volcanic eruptions, gigantic windstorms, heralding a time in which the old civilization would pass away with a new one arising from its ashes. In WHITE BUFFALO: An American Prophecy, four brothers embark on a quest to understand the meaning of the White Buffalo. Along the way, they journey to the Wisconsin farm where over 100,000 pilgrims have come to visit Miracle, the first of the white buffaloes, and her successors. From Toltec leader, Tlakaelel, they learn that the ancient Mayan, Incan and other civilizations developed the science of garnering personal energy from the sun for spiritual development. They travel to the American Southwest to meet with Hopi and Zuñi elders. They consult with Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, founder of the Jewish renewal movement, and with other wisdom-keepers of this continent. Theirs is a spiritual odyssey to discover the ancient sacred knowledge of Turtle Island, and its portents for America today. White Buffalo was produced in association with Wave4M Studios and Light Age Films. The film is slated for release in 2021.

The Line Between Player's Joy

Sometimes the line between pleasure and pain blur.




Twenty-six years as an actor/director, and a lifetime as a baseball fan have made Ralph Elias stark raving sane. In this filmed version of his hit one-man stage show, Elias takes the audience on a funny, eccentric and provocative trot around the bases of life, through a dark clubhouse of painful memory, and back into sunlight. Player's Joy is a truly American story, told in a style reminiscent of Spaulding Gray and John Lequizamo (with a little help from Will Shakespeare).

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