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Please Join Us For The Virtual YouTube Screening of The
Off-Broadway Production of The Comedy

Euphoric Tendencies

Saturday, January 29, 2022, 9 pm EST

Soular Films and Actors Repertory Theatre are currently partnering to film the comedy movie Euphoric Tendencies.

To give people a better idea of the story of the movie, we are presenting a virtual screening of the Off-Broadway play that is based on the film screenplay.

Click this link https://youtu.be/hpOaWUGsANA to see the show.

The Story

Beth Moss is a frustrated writer, bored with her bookstore job, her computer-geek boyfriend, and her inability to write the great American novel.

Enter Mina, a bisexual, effervescent, free-spirit, who scoops Beth up and proclaims, “If you want to be a good writer, get out there and LIVE.”

Mina thrusts Beth headfirst into erotic novels, yoga, dancing under the full moon, fetish clothing, bisexuality, and spanking. Ignoring her novel, Beth fills the pages of her journal with the details of her exciting new experiences, and the changes they're having on her

After a series of humorous events and mishaps, Beth is given the opportunity to publish her journal and must decide - does she keep this new life of hers private or share it with the world. In the process, she finds herself, her muse, and a more fulfilling life than she could ever have imagined

Our Latest Release - WHITE BUFFALO: An American Prophecy

A rare and profound galactic alignment – a 26,000-year convergence of earth and solar system with the Milky Way center – occurs early in the 21st century. Eerily, the ancient Maya boldly prophesied 2012 and the years beyond to be the fulcrum of cosmological synchronization. They foresaw world-shaking changes in the social and physical aspects of the planet, including increased earthquake activity, volcanic eruptions, gigantic windstorms, heralding a time in which the old civilization would pass away with a new one arising from its ashes. In WHITE BUFFALO: An American Prophecy, four brothers embark on a quest to understand the meaning of the White Buffalo

Soular Films, a division of Soular Entertainment, Inc., is an independent motion picture and television production company founded with the express purpose of utilizing the burgeoning digital and high definition revolution to produce entertaining movies covering a variety of topics and genres. Our mission is to create works that challenge us to explore and redefine what it is to be human. We are dedicated to developing material that crosses cultural, sexual, spiritual and ideological borders.

Our production team is comprised of experienced, like-minded professional visual and performing artists who strive to produce well-written, well-acted, challenging motion pictures, shot in an atmosphere of creative collaboration.

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